December 26, 2007

New favorite

I have a new favorite non-traditional Christmas song. I heard it last year and kept waiting to hear it on the radio this year. I finally heard it Christmas Day while heading from my parents to my cousins. I finally had a name and an artist so I could look it up.

For those of us without an Ipod, purchasing Mp3s online can be difficult. has stepped into the market, and they have a pretty good selection and simple buying process. The thing I don't like about Apple (Itunes) and Microsoft (Zune) is that you need to download their organization software just to buy a file. I don't need anymore software filling up my hard drive.

Anyway, on to the song. This is a live version I found on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

"God Bless us EVERYONE!!!" -Holly

Darcy Jayne said...

That's been my favorite Christmas song for years! I've had it on CD for at least six years.