November 13, 2007

Reality TV

I don't watch much reality TV. I have watched "The Biggest Loser" the last couple seasons. I do find their weight-loss an inspiring story line.

When I heard the show "Survivor" was being created by the same guy that hosted/created the multi-day Eco-Challenge, I was really interested. I thought seeing people compete in physical challenges while roughing it would make for a great show. When I heard that the way people were eliminated was by a vote of the participants, I lost all interest. I have actually never seen an episode.

The wife and I have started watching The Amazing Race 12. It only took me 12 versions for me to try it out. The show starts with 11 teams participating in daily races in locations around the world. So far the only way teams are eliminated is by coming in last in the daily race. Much more interesting than the tribal council. They of course choose the participants to make for interesting stories and conflicts. Hopefully it won't degenerate into more crappy TV.

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Anonymous said...

The only "REALITY TV" I watch is Project Runway on "Girl's Night"
( where we're actually ALL BOYS! ). We like it because it's such creative competition. It's not about the models it's about the very innovative, up and coming fashion designers. Love it!