November 9, 2007

How was your day? Never mind.

I will take a page from this page. I don't share many details of my day with the wife or anyone else. Sometimes I come across an interesting challenge and/or solution, but I doubt it would be interesting to them. Sometimes there is a crazy job or crazy customer that transcends, but not often. Of course 95% of a typical day is just slogging through the mundane details. Some people's Mundane Details are more interesting than others. Getting back to building these past couple of weeks has been interesting and mostly enjoyable, but the details of my day would likely bore you.

One thing I have noticed while building these past two weeks is my mind has been pretty clear during the day. I am not distracted by the usual 14 random thoughts flying through my head. I kind of expected to be writing entries in my head, but my mind has been unusually quiet. I have been totally present, in the moment. Kind of the feeling I have been searching for.


Anonymous said...

Not boring. Wonderful. I'm jealous in fact.

SeanH said...

I know the feeling, my friend. Some days I am just building. Just building. And it feels good to let everything else go for while...

By the way, anything you write about building I would find most interesting.