November 7, 2007

Still being fooled by fractions?

So I'm in Costco today - Needed 400 coffee filters. Whenever I shop there, I don't use a shopping cart. It is too easy to grab anything that seems like a volume discount, like 6 pounds of pretzels for $3 (which I've grabbed). If I can't carry it, I can't get it.

While I was waiting in line, I was checking out the gas prices. I try to buy my gas at Costco as it is about the cheapest around. I noticed gas prices have creeped back above $3 again. As I ponder that, I wonder when gas stations will get rid of the 9/10 at the end of their prices. Is it really fooling anyone anymore? Maybe it will take getting rid of the penny to get rid of fractions of a cent.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

RIP OFF!! Makes us feel like bunch of silly bananas washed up on a Dutch seashore...or... something.