November 19, 2007

Can I get a ride?

We have been a one-car family for a bit over two weeks. It hasn't been too much of an issue as the wife takes the train into work most days. It actually worked well while I was building a deck on the eastside. Getting her to the train in the morning got my butt out of bed at a decent hour. Once we "fell back" in time, I lost daylight in the evening hours so I needed to get on the jobsite early. On the way home I could pick her up at work and so she could skip the train ride home.

Our normal mechanic was very slow in getting to our car. It took him about a week and a half to roughly diagnose the problem, and to conclude that he didn't have the tools to fix it. After paying him for his time, it is now at the dealer. Their mechanic called with a different diagnosis, and I'm hoping he is correct as it should be a cheaper fix. Of course there is no cheap fix at the dealer.

On the way back home from the train this morning, I was following a newer GMC Sierra pickup. In bright yellow letters (matching the truck) his rear window proclaimed that he was Emperor of Edmonds. I was unaware that position was available. I read an article earlier this week about a proposal to have the state pay for local political campaigns. It is supposed to even the playing field by eliminating huge personal contributions. The goal is to allow John Q. Public to run against Bill Moneybags, and it is supposed to cost about $4 per citizen. If the position of Emperor is open, I may need to look into it.


Anonymous said...

If you get to be Emperor of Edmonds, can I run for Loonybird of Lynnwood?

Anonymous said...

You know, I commented on this upon reading it Nov. 19th, and my comment didn't make the cut. You have lost my vote for Emperor. The power of the ornage vest is all you can handle in my opinion!