November 13, 2007

Russian weblete

If I have time after checking my regular round of blogs, I will sometimes hit the next blog button at the top of the screen. It will pop up a random blog also hosted by You're never what sure you will get - sometimes foreign language sites that you don't have the fonts for, sometimes adult sites you don't want to see, etc. Every so often though you find another fun site to add to your regular set to read.

I found this one a little while back, and I check it once in a while for some light entertainment. It appeals to my interest in language.


Anonymous said...

Oh Seany, you've "created" a "terrible problem" for ME. I'm going to be late to my "new job", reading this , which leads to that which leads to other things. The laughter is abundant, and I need to get my butt in the "shower." I hope you don't find this comment "passive aggressive" as I did not call you "personally" about IT. So much funny to share.

SeanH said...

"That link was hilarious!" he said, raising his hands and scratching the air with his primary and secondary digits.