November 11, 2007

Running in place

As I mentioned earlier, I have started training for another marathon. I missed a week of training and only made it less than a mile when I tried running again a week ago. Both for reasons of taking it easy, and because I have been losing daylight, I tried running on a treadmill this week.

I think part of the reason I had some knee pain was that I was walking around on concrete for a week while building the deck. I figured the treadmill would have some give and would ease the shock of impact on my joints. I haven't really run on a treadmill before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

I ran 3 miles Wednesday, 4 miles Friday, and 7 miles tonight. It was interesting. The gym is set up with TVs so you can plug in your headphones and have some distraction. I still found myself focusing in on the readout, watching the miles slowly tick by. It also was tough to run in such a warm room. My body is used to the chilly Fall temps, and running inside made for a sweaty run.

The treadmills are a great option when I need it, but I look forward to getting outside again.


Anonymous said...

You go Mister Sister! Step off with your bad self! WOOO-HOOOO!

Anonymous said...

You know the room gets really warm when your treadmill (I like to call it a treadmile) catches on fire. Yep, that is a hot little trip.