July 31, 2008


The wife's company just had a round of layoffs. Fortunately she made the cut.

The layoffs are result of the economy, cutting some fat, etc. Every time I hear "layoff" these days though, I wonder how much of it is sound business decision and how much of it is pandering to Wall Street. Hers is a very successful company, yet I read in the paper that some analysts think their future success could be limited to franchising or selling out to another company. Still turning a profit, still a leader in the industry, but these analysts think the end is near. I wonder how many of these "analysts" have actually run a business.

I get the sense that her CEO is making decisions that he feels are right for the company, so I hope that these moves help them weather the economic downturn/slump/recession. Of course the workload hasn't changed with the layoffs, so in the meantime those left at the company need to pick up all the slack. Hopefully the dust will settle in the next few months.

Glad she still has a job. Very.


Jenn said...

Thanks, Hun. Me too. Very.

Holly said...

Hang in there Days! We feel your pain! Very.