July 3, 2008

July 3rd

Woke up to a wet world. We had some thunder and lightening last night accompanying our first rain in a while. It is probably for the best with the fireworks flying around tomorrow.

Many cities in Western Washington have banned fireworks. Safety, fires, etc. We technically live outside city limits in a pocket of unincorporated county. This means we've been hearing fireworks going off for the last few days. Of course tomorrow it will be much crazier.

Our street really does it up. We moved into our house four years ago a few weeks before the 4th of July. We had our housewarming on the 4th, and we were treated to quite a firework display. Our neighbors obviously had gone to one of the Indian reservations and got some of the good stuff. They had a table set up in the middle of the street with mortar-like cylinders to launch the air shots.

The last couple of years we have gone over to a friend's house for the 4th and have missed out on the show. The debris in our yard the next morning let's us know what we missed.

I may water the lawn one more time tomorrow.

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