July 10, 2008

Kicking a man when he is down

My (our) friends Matt and Holly have been going through a extremely tough time this year. Their baby Annabelle has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida, they found out Holly has an ovarian cyst, their income declined with the housing downturn, their cat recently died, and now Matt has lost his job through downsizing six weeks before Annabelle's due date.

You're Kidding, Right? Is Someone Filming Me?

They could use your hopes, prayers and support as they rise from the canvas one more time, and try to make ends meet and cover insurance costs while Matt searches for a new job.


Holly said...

Thank you Sean. We will press on!

Holly said...
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matt said...

Thanks man

jennifer said...

Sean, this may be completely inappropriate as I don't know Matt's circumstances, but is there any possibility that he was let go specifically because of his upcoming certain medical insurance bills? If he is about to incur expensive medical treatment in Annabelle's birth and subsequent care, that sort of hit could cause the entire company's premiums to go up? If he was targeted for that reason (and the timing sure seems suspicious), he's definitely got a good case for getting something from the company, possibly continuance of medical coverage for a time? Has he spoken to a lawyer?