July 17, 2008


A friend asked me to bring along some "good old American rock n roll" over to the 4th of July party we were heading to. I looked at my CD collection, and I wasn't really sure what would qualify. So I hastily put together a playlist to put on my MP3 player. It was dominated by some heartland artists like John Mellencamp and Bob Seger, with some Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and the Eagles thrown in. The mix opened with Fozzie Bear singing "America" from the Muppet Movie - a classic.

The CD player is still broken in my truck, so for the wife and my latest road trip I had my MP3 player going. We were traveling through eastern Washington farmland and listening to the mix I had made for the 4th of July. After leaving the freeway, we traveled along a smaller country road. The kind that features signs letting you know what crops are growing in the fields your flying by at 50 miles an hour.

In one of the fields there was a father with two daughters and a dog in tow, working the sprinklers for his crops. It was a nice Americana moment with the sun setting in the sky, complete with a soundtrack playing in the background.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Can I get that for Ragnar? I'm tired of my music and not really sure what to do to update.....but there is that bottle of J.D. waiting for someone that can help me with my new computer..... :-)