October 28, 2007

What would you save?

People being evacuated from the California fires often didn't have much time to pack up their house. Often when they showed up at the evacuation center, they had no idea what they had thrown into their suitcases. Along with the expected things like photos and important papers, an article lists people who grabbed their tuxedo, skateboard, concert tickets, and college dissertations.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, going through my father-in-law's things has reminded me of the boxes and boxes of stuff that I have not opened in the last few moves. I am sure a lot of it has some sentimental meaning to me, but not having looked at it in so long, who really knows. If I were in a rush, those boxes certainly wouldn't make the cut.

Not having thought it through yet, I am sure my first instinct would be to grab:
  • The pooch and her stuff.
  • My laptop (handy, and most of our photos are there)
  • Some clothes
  • Our tent, sleeping bag and other handy camping equipment.
  • Maybe our bikes depending on the disaster.
There would be no way to grab everything important. I suppose I should try to grab some of our papers as well. One more reason to go through our stuff, walk down memory lane and get a bit more organized.

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