October 24, 2007

Reverse 911 calls help spread the word

A very clever solution is being used in San Diego to alert people during these horrific fires. The local 911 call center computers dial out recorded messages alerting residents of evacuation orders. It is a very efficient way to make sure people know when to get out. You can also register your cell phone to receive the alerts.

The city and county of San Diego have been alerting residents via home phones to evacuate in the wake of various fires for several days.

But city of San Diego residents can also register their cell phones to receive emergency alerts, such as an evacuation notice. To register, go to this Web site -- www.sandiego.gov/ohs/reverse911/index.shtml -- and enter the number, account address and personal e-mail.

The county launched Alert San Diego -- a technologically advanced version of Reverse 911 -- last month and also has the capability to contact residents via cell phone. But county officials said they have yet to set up a Web site where people can register.

-- Craig Gustafson, staff writer. Posted by Union-Tribune

A very clever solution indeed. I imagine/hope that this sort of system will be installed nationwide.

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