October 8, 2007

The results are in

Bellingham Half Marathon

Sean 2:01:22
Tami 2:07:35
Wendy 2:22:08
Cherie 2:35:54

Congrats to all, and to a new half marathon PR by Tami! She shaved off 7:21 off our time at Whidbey in April.

Weather.com reports that winds were between 21-27 mph while we were running, with much higher gusts. My Polar watch recorded that we climbed about 700' as well. Great job everyone on a windy and hilly day.


SeanH said...

Excellent work! Keep it up! (P.S. Marci ran 12 miles the same day.)

Anonymous said...

don't cut yourself short coach, you shaved 13:34 off of your record. WA-FREAKIN'-WHO! bring on chicago (when it cools down a bit)