October 5, 2007

Another doper caught

Marion Jones has admitted to taking steroids. She began taking "the clear" before her 5 medal performance in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She claims she only found out that she was taking steroids when she stopped in 2002. She will be arrested for lying to federal authorities. Article here.

Another in a long line of disappointing stories. I apparently missed the announcement that Floyd Landis lost his hearing and is now banned for two years. I still remember watching his performance that day to snatch back the Tour de France. It was inspiring, but now tainted. I still like to believe he is innocent.

In this year's Tour, more doping was exposed. Alexander Vinokourov made a couple of "heroic" comebacks, only to be found to have doped his blood a couple of days later. Barry Bonds still hasn't confessed, so his home run record may stand.

It is to the point where any athlete that does something extraordinary is assumed to be guilty of some sort of doping. You don't want to get too excited about their performance until the tests come back.

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Anonymous said...

Very Disheartening.