October 29, 2007

On the run again

I am training again. I am signed up to run an early Spring marathon. The weather here has been hit and miss. A week ago, I ran in the rain and earned my first set of bloody nipples. I could have done without that right of passage. Two days later on Tuesday, it was in the high 70s, a one day anomaly. We are headed toward some cooler temperatures, so the long sleeves, hats and gloves are coming out.

I recently read a book "Run Less, Run Faster". It is about the FIRST program (Furman Institute of Running& Scientific Training). The program has you running 3 days a week, with 2 additional days of cross-training. This is what I have been doing when I train in the hopes that less running will mean less chance of injury. The program makes the most of the three days of running by detailing specific paces as well as mileage. One of the days each week is speed training on the track.

I am not ready for the program this time around - I don't have enough base miles. I am hoping to try it out this summer though. The game plan (always subject to revision/sanity) is to run a marathon in February, one in May, and hopefully one in the Fall.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes!! Sounds like you need to invest in a set of... well... something to prevent the other unsavory set.