October 30, 2007

Staying busy

While Real Estate and Lending are quiet, I am working at the parents of a friend to build a deck. I built decks for about 7 years before getting into Real Estate. There are times I miss being outside, working with my hands, creating something. Today wasn't one of those days.

I spent most of the day cutting through concrete in order to dig some footings for the deck. It took longer than expected. The first concrete saw I rented didn't work. Fortunately the rental place brought out a new one. It was some dirty, dusty frustrating work. Then there was digging!

One of the things I like about construction is seeing progress each day on a project. The first couple of days of any deck goes slowly. Tomorrow will be another limited progress day as I work on the siding and ledger while I wait for the inspector. He needs to stop by to say "Yep, those are holes" before I can pour the concrete.

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