October 15, 2007

Dogs – not for everyone

Some people shouldn’t have dogs. I have been down at the mother-in-laws a few times in the past month. Several of her neighbors have dogs, and leave them outside at all hours, in the rain, barking. I am guessing by the pitch of the barks that these aren’t hunting or working dogs. Why have a dog as a pet if you leave them outside all the time? Dogs are social animals.

People who put ther dogs in the back of an open pickup – don’t deserve a dog.

The guys who get pit bulls or rottweilers because they fall into some manly image along with their 4 x 4’s, but don’t do anything to train or control them – shouldn’t have a dog. Like this guy. Certain breeds require more work, more activity, more training, more discipline. Many people do not think this through, and they are unable (or unwilling) to do what it takes to be a good pet owner.

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Anonymous said...

Preach it!