June 29, 2010

The trip home

Oh man, what a week.

I was in Seattle for nine days, and of course it wasn't nearly enough. Trying to fit in visits with as many family and friends as possible made the week fly by. I had just a few firm plans set up before I arrived, but the days (and nights) filled up rather quickly. I wasn't able to fit in visits with everyone, but that just means I need to visit more often.

The one difficult appointment was Monday's divorce hearing. It was a day I was dreading, and I am glad I was able to set it up early in the week. It was no easier than I imagined, but I do have the beginnings of closure now that it is over. Rather than head straight for the bar to drown my sorrows, I went for a five mile run along Alki Beach. The ocean always seems to help wash away some of my troubling thoughts, and it felt good to just be moving forward rather than sitting still.

I was also able to talk through the hearing and the last six months of limbo with some close friends, and that helped greatly. I still have difficulty understanding and explaining it all, but just saying aloud what is in my head seems to point me in the right direction. I am blessed to have the continued support of family and friends.

Impromptu plans filled the week, and it was so wonderful to see everyone face to face. You can keep more or less up to date through blogs, e-mail, Facebook and the occasional phone call, but nothing can replace the hugs and random threads of conversation of being there in person. I had wonderful dinners with several friends during the week, and even squeezed in a run around Greenlake with Tami on Wednesday.

Saturday was the half marathon spent with the "Angels" (I'm Charlie), and we all gathered later that afternoon for a BBQ. Friends who weren't able to meet during the week were there, and Amy and family even came back into town for the day just to be there. The clouds we were so happy to see during the run that morning, parted so we could spend the afternoon in the sun. It was a great way to wrap up the day and the week at home.

I come home more tired than when I left. There was plenty of wine and too little sleep mixed in with all the visits. But I return with my mind a little more at rest, and with a soul soothed by the warmth of family and friends. And as great as my time in San Diego has been so far, and the wonderful friends I am surrounded with down here, Washington is still "home".

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