June 7, 2010

So, about that marathon...

So I had plans to run the San Diego Marathon on Sunday. As I have previously mentioned, my training has been a bit half-assed, largely due to a daily five-hour commute for several weeks. I was still getting in the long runs on the weekends, but I was definitely going to be under-prepared.

About a week after I signed up for the marathon, I was invited on the houseboat trip to Lake Powell. I struggled (a bit foolishly) with the decision about whether to run or go on the trip. I was looking forward to running through my new adopted town, and I hate to back out of a commitment. Plus, the money was already spent. In the end, I wisely chose to go on the trip with everyone.

Then I received an e-mail from Lynne that we would be docking on Saturday afternoon. The marathon was on Sunday, so conceivably I could still run. The main hurdle in the way was the fact that I would be out of town during the expo, which is the place you pick up your race bib and timing chip.  In large bolded type on the race website, it states, "You may only pick up your own race packet and number at the Expo- NO EXCEPTIONS! Photo ID required." 

So I couldn't have someone else pick it up for me, and the expo would close at least six hours before we arrived home. I sent a pleading e-mail to see if I could pick up the race packet early since I would be out of state at the time of the expo. A small part of me hoped that they would say "tough luck". Then the decision to run would be out of my hands and I could simply relax on vacation and not have to rush back. It was a small part, but this marathon already had a few things going against it.

I received an e-mail back that if it was absolutely impossible for me to make it to the expo, that there is a "solutions tent" at the start line where I could pick up my bib and chip. Now it was all on me.


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