February 10, 2009

What it is all about

Matt over at the Dawg Run has a regular post detailing his runs, often relating what he thought about while out on the road. Today's post is an excellent one on friends, struggle, redemption and love.
I think I decided that it was love that makes a hero . . . not just the warm fuzzy feeling that masquerades as love . . . but the type of love that loves even in the face of utter hopelessness . . . when you can't see how you will make it through . . . when it would be easier to walk away . . . and yet you embrace the baleful of pain and suffering for the one thin straw of love that lies within it . . . a love that is an agonizing choice of will . . . a love that chooses to love when you don't even feel like loving anymore . . . a gut-wrenching choosing of love at the end of all things because otherwise what is it all for . . .
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