February 1, 2009

The Kindle is a hit

Well I have now read two books on the Kindle, and I am enjoying it even more than I expected. There are many advantages that I detailed in my earlier post, but I until I actually used it I wasn't sure how I'd transition from paper to electronic screen.

I've read one non-fiction book and one novel so far, and you can almost forget you're reading an electronic screen. The device stays out of the way of the experience for the most part, but the technology is there when you need it. I have been highlighting passages and good turns of phrase so I can refer to them later. In the past I have done a poor job of taking notes. I most often had a piece of notebook paper stuck in the back of the book, but didn't consistently have a pen handy, especially when I read before bed. Now it is all there at my fingertips.

Books are delivered over a cellular network they call 'Whispernet' and it works quite well. Books are delivered in about 30 seconds, and most top out at $9.99. One of the books I bought was only $2.99, and many older books that are out of copyright can be found for free online. I have downloaded classics like Moby Dick, Walden, Great Expectations and The Count of Monte Cristo which are now sitting on my virtual bookshelf to read later.

Another book I have downloaded is the Bible. I did not do very well on my reading program last year. Looking back I made it to about the middle of March but then I fell out of the habit. I never found a regular time to read the daily verses, and the Bible is not an easy book to tuck into your backpack. Now it is with me where ever I go and I can catch up on my reading when ever I have a free moment or two. And of course, now I can take notes and highlight passages on the fly. I started a little late this year, but have caught up so I am only a week or so behind schedule.

It sounds like Amazon.com will be announcing the Kindle 2 soon, possibly on February 9th. I have seen some leaked images online, and it looks a little bigger but thinner and sleeker. My impression is that any software updates will be available to the older models as well, so hopefully I will get any new bells and whistles.

Thanks again Momma Doris!

Leak on New Kindle

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