February 3, 2009

Book return

I took the box of books we had culled from our bookshelf around town to try to find them a new home. The first stop was our book club meeting over the weekend so everyone could pick over them. Not many were chosen, but I wasn't too offended since they were our castoffs.

Next stop was Third Place Books to see if I could get a little money from them. I had heard from a friend that Third Place offered a bit more than Half Price Books, but that they only take what they can sell. Half Price will take everything off your hands and donate what they don't plan to sell. There were 40 or so books in the box, and it was going to be about 25 minutes or so before they could get to them.

So I wandered around the book store with a cup of coffee. This is a great way to spend a half hour. So many books. I always enjoy checking out the staff suggestions and this book store also had a shelf of selections from 20 or so local book clubs. Surfing for books on the Kindle just isn't the same. I found an interesting book on the discount shelf and also picked up a copy of Anna Karinina for next book club. I'm sure they take their time sorting through your books so you have time to wander around and pick out their replacements.

Anywho, they picked out about 12 paperbacks and offered me $8 cash or $12 in store credit. Plus they give you a 10% discount if you spend the store credit right then. So I walked out with fewer books and less money overall, but with some new reads. I dropped by Half Price Books and they took the rest of the books off my hands for $6 cash, plus another 10% off coupon. Overall hardly worth the effort, but we have one less box of stuff clogging up our household, and reuse is one step up from recycling them for paper.

Speaking of paper and the Kindle, Sean sent a great link to a story regarding the cost of printing newspapers vs. sending out Kindle versions.
Not that it's anything we think the New York Times Company should do, but we thought it was worth pointing out that it costs the Times about twice as much money to print and deliver the newspaper over a year as it would cost to send each of its subscribers a brand new Amazon Kindle instead.
Full Story with math.

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