February 21, 2009

Tide - now with a fresh outdoor scent.

Today is laundry day at the old homestead. I only leave my running and biking clothing in the dryer for a few minutes, otherwise the heat of the dryer can ruin them. As I was draping the shirts and shorts on various chairs, something crossed my mind - laundry used to be a much nastier chore.

My clothing would come home smelling of smoke when I worked in restaurants. We would often hang out in the bar after our shift, and the air was filled with a blue haze of cigarette smoke. I can remember when I lived in my old apartment that as soon as I got home I would strip off the clothes and toss them out onto the balcony to air out. They still had a fair amount of smoke funk come laundry day, and the foul smell of old smoke is not the best thing to wake up to.

The state of Washington has banned smoking in restaurants and bars, so this wouldn't be as much of a problem today. Still, I am glad to be spending my free time outdoors rather than hanging out in a bar. And laundry day doesn't smell like a hangover any more.

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