June 16, 2008

You followin' me?

On my way to Marymoor Park for the bike ride on Saturday, I was pretty sure a minivan was following me. It matched every lane change I made and wouldn't pass me. I couldn't tell for sure, but I was betting there was a bike on the back of the van.

We pulled into the park together, and the driver fessed up that she had followed me for about the last half hour. She wasn't sure how to get to the park, but she figured following a truck with a bike on the back was a safe bet.

Reminds me of the time the wife followed a car when she couldn't remember how to get to Ballard. The car had a "Visualize Ballard" bumper sticker. It lead her straight there.


Anonymous said...

Wait! What? Jenn didn't know where Ballard was? It's the center of the universe! Wait......maybe that is Fremont! Okay, so it's just due west of the center of the universe. Easy to find! Ya sure you betcha!

Anonymous said...

that was just me, I'm a dork. :-)