June 16, 2008

Flying Wheels

The Flying Wheels is an annual bike ride around the eastside, kind of as a prep ride for the coming 2-day summer rides. It is a relatively hilly route, and offers a 25, 45, 65 and 100 mile route depending on how much training (if any) you've done in the Spring. The bonus is that you can decide that morning, or even part way through, which route you're up for. I have not attempted the 100 mile route yet, and with the weather and running schedule the past few months, we rode the 65 mile route.

I was riding with Brian and Cherie, but also meeting up with some Big Ride friends. There was actually a pretty big group at the starting line, and we ran into each other here and there along the route. As always, it is great seeing everyone out on the road.

The hilly route verified that we hadn't done a sufficient amount of training. You'd think with the running I've been doing, it would translate pretty well to the bike, but it doesn't quite. Different sport, slightly different muscles. My knees bothered me for the second half of the ride because I haven't been on the bike much at all.

Unfortunately I had to peel off from the group around mile 40. I was meeting friends I hadn't seen in many months at 3:00, and I was already going to be late. Summer weekends can get pretty crazy, and it has already begun. The Big Ride group had stopped for coffee in Carnation. I heard a shout as I rode by, but I couldn't afford to stop. Crappy, because I hadn't seen most of them in months either.

While we were riding, Cherie let me know that another of our friends is thinking about taking up bike riding and joining us on a weekend ride this fall. Biking is such a great excuse to get together, allows you to catch up while getting some exercise in, reveals some great backroads in our area, and it is spreading like a virus. We'll infect you all!

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