June 24, 2008

Survivor party

This past Saturday we had a little blowout to celebrate two of our friends kicking cancer this year.

Alyssa found out she had breast cancer in December. She had a double mastectomy, went through chemo treatments, and is now in the reconstruction phase. Tami found out she had a carcinoid tumor in January. Fortunately it was slow growing and she didn't need to have radiation or chemo. Both now have a clean bill of health!

Some friends his past New Years coined the phrase "Everything's Great in 2008". Well it hasn't turned out to be such a great year so far for friends and family. As Sean mentioned in his post yesterday, this is one of those years we will probably want to pack away when it is all over. More bad news came in from two different friends just today. When the slideshow of photos goes by in the future, the happier times will be highlighted (and there has definitely been highlights), but it will be tough to completely forget the struggles of 2008.

It was important to acknowledge and celebrate Alyssa's and Tami's recovery. But of course I forgot my camera.


matt said...

We'll settle for "fine" in 2009!

Jenn said...

Yah, Man! Let's not overshoot this one this time, I agree. "Everything's fine in 2009!" Print it.

Jenn said...

And GREAT party Tami and Alyssa!! Thank you so much. It's so wonderful that you are both well and moving full steam ahead, enjoying life. You are both inspirations, and you kicked it with class. I'm not being cheesy in the least, you are truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping celebrate, and thanks for everything you did to make the journey more comfortable. It is such a blessing to have such GREAT people in my life!