June 11, 2008

Johnny law

I got a parking ticket this afternoon.

Our office has only two dedicated parking spots, so most of us are parked on the street each day. There is a 3 hour limit on street parking. In the beginning, I moved my car every few hours. After forgetting a number of times, and the fact that no one ever got a ticket, I stopped bothering. Well they got us today. We were in our weekly meeting and during a smoke break my broker noticed tickets on our windshields.

The city has a nice technique of collection. If you pay the ticket within 24 hours, its half off. So off to the courthouse I went.

In other traffic related news, as of July 1st you can be given a $124 traffic ticket if you talk on your cell phone while driving (without a hands-free device). Not that I do a lot of talking on the phone, but I do get the random incoming call now and then. I already have a headset (actually two) I can wear while driving. But as the wife says, it is just one more thing to remember to charge. I sense many calls going to voice mail.