June 27, 2008

One project down

I finally got around to repairing our garden hose connections. Both the hose bibs out front and back were leaking when they were turned on. This meant a bucket underneath to catch the water every time we wanted to water the plants, etc.

In addition to that, the hookup to the sprinkler system out back was also leaking. Somehow the hookup between hose and PCV broke. In the meantime I had to wedge something under the connection to keep it from leaking. Not a great solution. With the leaking hose bib, I also couldn't leave the water on to the sprinkler system, so it wasn't terribly automatic.

So after a few trips to Home Depot to go through the bins of connections to try to visualize how it was all going to come together, I finally found all the right pieces.

A little more permanent backyard solution

Out front for a sprinkler system to be named later

The best part was being able to use the crescent wrench I inherited from my father in law. I really had no use for it other than it was cool. I couldn't get the old hose bibs off, and the wrenches and vise grips I had weren't giving me enough leverage. Then I remembered the crescent wrench hanging in the shed.

I put the tape measure out to show you the scale. It is 2 feet long! Almost worth mounting over the fireplace.


SeanH said...

I totally respect your crescent wrench.

Jenn said...

Yah, Dad! The man did love his tools. :)

Holly said...

Hawkins has wrench envy.