June 11, 2008

Oh to be in Lemon Grove again

After all, it has the best climate on Earth.

Seattle weather: colder than Siberia!

From the Seattle Times this morning:

It doesn't seem fair, but it's the cold, hard truth — accent on cold: While Seattle hasn't seen a 70-degree day in more than two weeks, Fairbanks, Alaska, has had six of them in the past 10 days.

Just about everyone, it seems, is toastier than we are. You've heard of International Falls, Minn., the self-proclaimed "Icebox of the Nation?"? It's had four days this month in the 70s, topped off with a pleasant 75 on Sunday.

Across the Atlantic, the northern destination of Oslo, Norway, has been passing the 70-degree mark nearly every day recently, while even the Siberian city of Tomsk, Russia, hit the 70s last weekend.

Meanwhile, shivering Seattle residents, hearing about snowplows back at work on Snoqualmie Pass this week, probably have only dim memories of the 77-degree high of May 24, the last time the mercury crept into the 70s here.

On Tuesday, state highway workers clearing away the last of 7 inches of snow on Interstate 90 could remember only two other times in the past 30 years that snowplows have been called out this late in the year.


matt said...

While you are freezing your yarbles off in Seattiria, we are fully enjoying the brand new deck you built us in Lemon Grove - Oh the pain - Oh the irony - OH THE HUMAAAANITY! - Come back soon!

jennifer said...

Sean, I am so with you on the weather - ready to throw myself off the house in fact. We have "nice" long days right now, but can't enjoy them since we're sitting inside huddled in front of the gas fireplace.

Have you seen the following cartoon - pretty apropos now!


Holly said...

It's freaking June!!! Move here now.

Anonymous said...

thank you for talking about the weather today. you may be the sole reason it is sunny and 65 right now. yippee, so much nicer. i even got out and washed my car.............ooooppppsssssss!