June 13, 2008

New catch phrase

Thanks! Sorry! Thanks! Sorry!

This was a refrain from the Lindens when we decended on their home for a week. Probably still a little dumbfounded by the outpouring of people and energy heading their way, there was no way to sum up their real feelings but to simply say thanks. At the same time they seemed to feel it necessary to appologize for the home's condition and the work ahead. Probably after expressing their feeling to the first wave of friends, it became the shorthand of "Thanks! Sorry!" as each new person came through their door. As the week progressed, the phrase was often followed by a chuckle. A new catch phrase was born.

Sometimes when we say 'thanks', there is an implied 'sorry' behind it. "I really appreciate your coming to help, and I am sorry I interrupted your day/put you out/couldn't do it myself." I don't know anyone who thinks they deserve all the help they receive, and isn't a little sorry to ask for it.

Of course friendship is putting up your hand in the "I don't want to hear it/it was nothing" position when the 'sorry' part of the sentiment comes out. We also know any favor will be repaid to us, or more likely, we are already in your debt. And of course the returned favor is not our reward, but the friendship and community we find at your side.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.


SeanH said...

Best thing I read all week.

matt said...

You guys are the best

Holly said...

Firm embrace! Thank you so much. No sorry. Just thanks.