April 14, 2008

Weekly numbers

Well, actually two weeks of numbers. I rearranged some training and weigh ins to work around vacation last week. So I weighed in the Friday before leaving, and I was still at 179. Training numbers for that week were:

Running: 21.25 miles
Biking: 0 miles
Swimming: 1/2 mile

As I mentioned, our vacation was at an all-inclusive resort, so there was lots of good food and many empty cocktail calories. I took in my share. I did run three times and swam while we were there, but I was pretty worried about a big jump in weight. Fortunately I was only up a pound to 180 this morning. I couldn't have realistically asked for better. Training numbers were:

Running: 23.5 miles
Biking: 0 miles
Swimming: a few hours in the ocean

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