April 15, 2008

Shields at maximum!

Increase your productivity by 50% and look like an alien in the process.

It happens every time it rains. Productivity on the street goes down 50 percent as one good hand, which could be used for texting, coffee-clutching, hand-holding or gesticulating, gets monopolized by an unwieldy umbrella.

What's a good multitasker to do? Enter Nubrella, an oversized space helmet-like apparatus billed by the company as the hands-free "Ultimate Weather Protector."

Available directly from the Nubrella company for $59.94 (including shipping and handling),

Full story in The Seattle Times

I actually don't own an umbrella. Yes it rains a lot in Seattle, but I've never felt the need to carry one around. When I see a sea of umbrellas on a rainy afternoon, I think of dodging hundreds of metal points at eye level. I don't have a hairstyle that will wilt or glasses that will spot, and frankly I've grown up, worked outside and ran in the rain long enough that it isn't a big deal.

A bonus with these might be a "cone of silence" so we don't need to listen to their cell phone conversations. Plus no metal points to poke an eye out.

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Holly said...

Hilarious. Why have we become such obsessive multi-taskers?