April 13, 2008

End of radio silence.

A friend called to ask if I was trapped under something heavy, but actually the wife and I were off on vacation for the last week.

It was a beautiful toes-in-the sand, do-very-little type of vacation that the wife needed. We spent the week in Puerto Vallarta with five other friends. We chose an all-inclusive resort which meant we didn't even need to think about where we were going to eat. We have been on a few cruises in the past ten years, and this was like a cruise without a ship. This particular resort also included your cocktails in the price, so our livers might have been the only thing working hard all week.

I had plans of blogging while gone, but again it didn't happen. I wrote the April 5th entry while on the plane, then posted it at the L.A. airport. After that nothing. I probably should have been reflecting on my life as I stared at the ocean, but it was much more fun trying to master body surfing the waves.

As I write, the photos are downloading from camera to computer. I haven't looked at many yet, so hopefully there are some winners in there. There are 261 so odds are relatively decent. Thank you inventor of the digital camera.

I have heard some people say they are anxious to get home from vacation. I don't recall a vacation where I wasn't thinking "how can I swing a couple more days". The wife made an effort to miss the plane ride home, so I think we were on the same page this time. Once the trains, planes and automobiles journey home begins of course, I'm ready for it to be over. We fell into bed somewhere around 1:00 in the morning, and it did feel good to be home. The only thing missing was the pooch who was still at a friend's house.

I ran 13 miles this afternoon, met some running friends later to plan our next big adventure, then spent the evening catching up on blog reading while watching the final round of the Masters. The pile of mail and hundreds of e-mails wait until tomorrow. Tonight, I am still on vacation.

Pictures are done.


Beanbag chairs on the beach

One beautiful sunset after another


Anonymous said...

Oh it looks absolutely wonderful! I hope you all had a wonderful time and got in some good R & R.

Holly said...

I think I know who's watching that one... so pretty!

Holly said...

Love the bean bag set up! Cool!