April 17, 2008

The "great" debate

I watched the democratic debate from last night. It is the first debate I have seen so far this season. Hillary did a bit better than I expected, Barack a bit worse (I had higher expectations going in for Obama). It was actually relatively civil.

Unfortunately, the first hour they were asked questions about flag pins, sniper fire, who loves America more, who's bitter, what the people they know believe, etc. They led off mentioning that historically the runner up in the primary used to become the vice presidential nominee. They then put both canidates on the spot to pledge that they would do this. Akward silence and laughter followed at this somewhat moronic question.

The economy, which the commentators say is American's #1 concern, was finally addressed in question 16 in the second hour. ABC has put themselves in the sensation over substance corner of journalism, a corner that is large enough already.

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