January 2, 2011

Year in Review

Time once again to tally up the miles and reflect on how the last year of running and biking went. So the numbers from this year compared to last year:

2010 928 miles
2009 613 miles

2010 106 miles
2009 1245 miles

2010 5.4 miles
2009 .5 mile

So, I had my biggest year in running, but I am pretty embarrassed about the biking number. It seems there wasn't much point in dragging my bike down to San Diego. It just sits in the corner silently mocking me. That needs to change this year.

On the racing side of things, things went pretty well. I participated in five events and set a personal best in four of them. I knocked down my half and full marathon times, and improved my 5k time twice. But I am getting burned out on running.

It seems like as soon as I run a marathon, I start training for another. The weekends get filled up with longer and longer runs, and since I am training for a marathon, it is easier to let the biking slide. I have a marathon in three weeks, and after that I think I am going to take a break. I'll still run, just not train for a while.

I still want to do a triathlon, and this is the year dammit (he says again in January).

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