January 31, 2011

Resolution check in

Here we are at the end of month number one. The specific January goal was to avoid alcohol except for the post-marathon celebration on the 23rd. As some sort of cosmic insult, there was no beer garden at the finish line, but we had a great time at the Sean & Marci BBQ.

As I mentioned before, there was no great hangover or disaster that prompted giving up the drink for a month. It was just another check to make sure that I can. I have done it for Lent a couple times before, and it turned out to be pretty easy this time around (which is a good sign in itself). There were nights of temptation when the roomies opened a bottle of wine with dinner, but it wasn't all that difficult to resist. Like other bad habits, drinking can be as much a habit as it is a desire, so it was nice to break the habit for a little while. Unfortunately, I don't feel any better physically or more well rested, but I did manage to drop five pounds without any extra effort.

The more general "would be nice to do" goals for the year have also been going relatively well. I have taken a picture each day so far, the pooch and I are taking much more regular walks together, and I have been spending less money and losing weight. Still need to work on that clutter and staying in better touch with friends.

Next up on the goal-a-month plan is to work out every day in February. I have been tossing around some sort of guidelines as to what constitutes a workout (3 mile run, 1/2 mile swim, etc), but I may leave it a little vague. If I can just get out and do something every day, it will be an improvement and the beginnings of a habit.

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