July 22, 2010

Random thoughts from the road

You know how the air smells after the first rain in weeks. I love it! - so fresh and clean. I heard recently that the smell is different depending on where you live. When the rain falls, it hits the local soil and plants and releases a smell specific to the location. I was out for a run this morning, and it was drizzling. It may be the first time it has rained during a run down here. A scent was in the air, and I was having a tough time placing it. I finally figured it out. It smelled like Round Up weed killer. Bleh.

On my long run last Saturday, I ran through Ocean Beach. It was pretty warm last week, so I tried to stay relatively close to the ocean to get some onshore breeze. As I passed by Dog Beach and the volleyball courts, I passed a gal heading toward the beach, clad in neoprene, carrying a surf board. Every time I run near the beach or Sunset Cliffs, I see lots of people bobbing in the water, astride a surf board, waiting for the next wave. Not the first time I have thought, "I'm in the wrong sport".

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