July 19, 2010

Back in the saddle (again)

As a part of my new get-fit/training regimen, I finally dusted off my neglected bicycle. I wish that was a metaphor, but it wasn't. There was an actual layer of dust on the bike. I had only ridden it once since the move to San Diego, and that was almost five months ago. I took it out for a quick spin a week ago, only about nine miles worth, and I felt pretty rusty. Same goes for the swimming by the way, but I am getting back into my cross-training sports slowly since the nearest goal is still the marathon in October.

I went out for my second ride yesterday and it was a little longer and a little more challenging. I am still trying to figure out good routes for the bike down here. That is one big advantage with running - it is much easier to find a good place to run. You're covering much less ground, and traffic is less of a consideration. You can run almost anywhere. Some roads are definitely better than others when it comes to bikes and cars sharing the road, and of course it is nice to find routes with fewer traffic signals.

But I digress. Sunday was a great day for a ride. The 90 to 100 degree heat had finally broken, and the morning was overcast. I found some bike routes on a local triathlon site and decided to ride a 25 mile route they use for an annual ride in January. The route loops around Fiesta Island and Mission Bay, with an out and back to Cabrillo National Monument

There was enough climbing to let me know that I have a long way to go before I am ready to join in on any local group rides. Don't want to get dropped on my first time out.

Just before reaching the monument, the road passes by the Fort Rosecrans Cemetery. Actually the road passes through the cemetery, as it is on both sides of the road, and it stretches out to the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

There is something about running or riding by a cemetery that I can't quite define. It is different than just passing by in a car. More personal. I can remember running by a cemetery around mile eight of the Eugene Marathon, and my thoughts turned inward. My mind bounced between the past and the present, and I thought about friends still here and those that have passed. It naturally makes me a bit reflective I suppose, and glad to be out doing something that I enjoy. Something that may keep me around to enjoy this life a little longer.

I am heading out to Cabrillo again today, this time by car. It was all fogged in yesterday, and I would love to check out the area a bit more. I didn't stop to read any of the information on the monument, or check out the tide pools when I was there on Sunday.  There was a bit of a time crunch since I was meeting up with friends afterward, and I'll talk about the rest of Sunday in the next post.

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