July 12, 2010

Different strokes for different nerds

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In years past, I would record the 4:30am Tour de France coverage every day for three weeks. Coverage of the race is repeated throughout the day, but the early morning version had the most detail and the best announcers. I would try to watch it that evening, but daily coverage was often 4 1/2 hours long, and that is a lot of tv to cram into each day. It is exhausting trying to keep up! (he says knowing he sounds like a complete nerd). You end up looking forward to the rest days almost as much as the riders so you can get some rest yourself.

This year, there is no DVR to catch the early morning coverage, and I just can't stomach getting up at 4:30am. Besides, I'd have to leave for work long before the race was over. We do get the channel though (which is kind of odd since we only get a handful), so I have been subjecting the housemates to race coverage nerdiness most nights.

Like I said, I can't cast many stones at soccer or NASCAR fans.

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