July 6, 2010

Front page

So, Tami calls me on the 4th of July and asks, "What's it like to be on the front page of the Business section?" Uh, what?

There was this article in the Sunday Seattle Times called Stressed out are running for their sanity, helping retailers. It talks about how more people are running and participating in events these days, even during a recession. Actually, that maybe more people are running because of the recession, and the running industry is benefiting.

So I guess the picture that accompanied the article was a shot of the start line of the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon. And there I was in the front row.

click to enlarge

Kinda weird, kinda cool. I did get a business degree, but this is probably the only way my picture will ever show up in the business section.


Me said...

That is SO cool!!!

tami said...

It must be that they loved your really cool shirt!