April 25, 2009

What a difference a day makes

Things have been relatively slow for a while at my current job. With the economic outlook gloomy, things probably won't be picking up much, so I have been looking for another job for a few months now. Yesterday morning I still had that job and nothing else. By yesterday evening I had three jobs.

As I hadn't been making much progress in finding another full time day job, I applied for a evening job to supplement things. "When the job went wrong, you went back to the beginning."

I worked for the Keg Restaurants for more than ten years, made a decent living, and enjoyed my time there. I still know a few people who work there, and though they weren't really hiring, Dave said he'd try to get me an interview to see if they might fit me in for a couple nights a week. I had an interview with one of the managers last week, but still needed to interview with the GM Friday afternoon.

I had signed up with a staffing agency a few weeks ago hoping that they could assist in my job search. I found a job on Monster.com on Thursday that I thought I'd be qualified for. It was advertised by the same staffing agency, so I gave my guy a call to see if he could get my resume in for the job. He thought I'd be qualified, but he had my resume out for another position, so he had to check with his manager to see if I could apply.

Chris called later to say that he was able to send my resume in. He also mentioned that the company was anxious to get people into the advertised position, and that they weren't even interviewing. If the resume looked good, you'd be hired. He called Friday afternoon before my interview with the Keg, and I told me I had the job! The position is with a bank and from what I can tell is similar to what I am doing at my current job. It is a 5 month position and starts the second week of May.

This changed things a bit for my interview with the Keg. I didn't know how many evenings they would be able to give me, but my availability was going to be pretty open. The position with the bank is full time Monday through Friday, and until I start, I won't know when I can make it from Seattle to the restaurant. I can still work the weekends in the meantime so the GM decided to hire me and get me re-trained in the meantime.

I got three jobs, mon!


matt said...

Seriously one of my favorite quotes . "Keep yer "ho there" I will no be move . . ."

matt said...

Congrats on the jobs!

Too funny about the keg. When I started at the Factoria Keg, I had already waited tables for years (including a year at the Puyallup Keg) and had just left a job where I spoke to hundreds of people on a weekly basis.

Dave Conom was my trainer and he was very serious about the task. I was like "Really? I'm pretty sure were are slinging hash here - not performing brain surgery, Mon"

Enjoy getting retrained at the bank and at the Keg . . . also enjoy that new-found patience you will be developing!

Hey, beats the alternative, right?

tami said...

We will look back on these days and smile....we always do. Cheers to ya, mon!

Holly Linden said...

I love your sense of humor about all of this Mon. You're really just one of the good ones. Wish I could have a post shift drink with you!