April 7, 2009

Hope springs eternal

We have enjoyed beautiful weather pushing the mercury into the low 70's the past couple of days, and today was another beaut. I had an appointment in Renton this afternoon, and I decided to stop by the University of Washington on the way.

There is a section of campus called the 'Quad'. It is an open area surrounded by four major buildings, and when winter gives way to spring you will find pale Seattleites stretched out on the grass soaking in the sun. I had a poetry class during my last quarter at the U, and I remember the teacher taking us outside to have class on the lawn on several occasions. You can't let these days slip by without drinking them in.

The Quad is also home to many cherry blossom trees and this is the week they are in full bloom. This is another one of those days of new beginnings this year, so I thought it appropriate to mark it with some photos of spring.

The first days of spring hold such promise, such hope. Heck even the Mariners are undefeated. More of my photos can be found here.