April 9, 2009

Boston Marathon Bib 1549

The No. 1549 Patrick Harten will wear on his chest for the Boston Marathon is no ordinary bib assignment: Race organizers gave it to the New York air traffic controller to honor his role in the dramatic safe landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River.

Harten, 35, took up running three years ago and completed two other marathons before posting a personal best in Boston last year; he's also run the 26.2-mile distance as part of two triathlons.

He's found that running helps relieve the stress of a job that requires constant and total concentration because, as he was reminded in January, life-and-death crises can arise without warning.

Full Story. Awesome!

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tami said...

That is incredible. Guess I am a wuss for feeling sore and tired after my 10 miler today at a 10 minute pace. Oh, and you would laugh to see the 'roadkill' I became today. I thought the guy had rockets on his feet. Nice that we were on a long flat trail that I could just watch him fly into the distance for the next mile or so. HA! It was a good day!