April 23, 2009

Staying sharp

One of the things I did while waiting for the lender website to come back online.

Fortunately there were no C's, Q's or U's. My trigonometry and calculus skills are toast.

I can remember my third grade teacher challenging me with calculations she would rattle off and have me do in my head. 4 plus 3 times 3 minus 6 times 4 divided by 3 minus 9 time 8.... She actually had me do it in front of another set of parents during teacher-parent conferences. Not sure if she was encouraging them to do this with their kids, showing that we don't need to depend on calculators, or just pointing out some Rain Man tendencies I have.

And yes Holly, I am a huge nerd.


Holly Linden said...

GIGANTIC NERD!!! Gotta LOVE YA though...so much!

tami said...

I never knew! Oh, what fun we can have fun at parties!