March 4, 2009

On the horizon

The new U2 album, No Line on the Horizon, is out as of yesterday. I have heard that it is very different from their past work, and that there aren't many radio-friendly hits. One of those albums that takes a while to grow on you. U2 is spending the week on the David Letterman show promoting the album, so you can hear at least five of the tracks before you buy.

I haven't picked up the album yet, but I see that you can actually get the whole thing in Mp3 form for $3.99 on Of course you'll miss out on the album art. The front cover is a fairly bland seascape, and there is a typical band photo on the back. It seems to be a tradition to have the band members stand at various distances from the camera and looking in different directions.

It kind of reminds me of a photo we took a few years ago when we were in Washington D.C.

I am clearly the bass player. My poor wife, standing behind Jonathan, must play the triangle or something.

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SeanH said...

Serena is Bono!