March 13, 2009

Keyword search

I have had Google ads on the blog for a little while. The point was to garner a few cents here and there and donate the profits to Annabelle's Circle. Well, it hasn't created any real money (about $8 all time) so I think I will probably cut it out. But it has been kind of interesting to see what sorts of ads pop up. For example, today's ads looked like this:

Google pulls keywords from your website or blog to come up with ads your readers might be interested in. The above ads obviously relate to the tree topping story I posted yesterday. Of course I rarely talk about tree topping, so it isn't clear that my readers are interested enough in the subject to click on an ad.

And the ads are not always so spot on. When I wrote about the Ragnar Relay last year, there were ads for electronic relays (like you might find at Radio Shack) for quite some time. So can I manipulate what ads come up? Let's give it a try.

So tomorrow I'm going to run around Green Lake, listening to U2 on my free iPod, pick up my Trek bicycle at Greggs, stop off for a strong cup of coffee at Starbucks, visit the Woodland Park Zoo, stop by Kidd Valley for a hamburger, celebrate St. Patrick's Day at an Irish pub, drink a Guinness, eat some corned beef, call for a Yellow cab on my HTC cell phone, head home to take my Labrador for a walk, order a pizza from Papa Murphy's, sit in my Ikea chair and read a New York Times bestseller on my Kindle, and search Windows Live on my Dell computer to find something to do Sunday.

Man to get all that done, I am going to need some Red Bull.


matt said...


Anonymous said...

LOL - I can't wait to see what comes up... of course I'm going to have to go find the ads because I've never even noticed them before.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Have a fun day! HA!

Holly Linden said...

You're killin' me! AND I didn't know you were doing that for Annie. Soooooooooooo lovely. Thank you friend.