May 6, 2008

The new fanny pack

I picked up a SPIbelt at the marathon expo. I have used RaceReady shorts for the past couple of marathons to carry my gels and salt pills. All those pockets are really handy, but the material of the shorts store static like nothing else.

The SPIbelt pouch is made of a stretchable material. I was able to fit 4 gels and a pill packet in there easily, and get at my gels without yard-saling everything. The fanny pack is back, fashion be damned.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, two things here. First of all, Wendy and I bought those in San Diego and used them for the RnR. LOVE IT!
Second, go back to the lady with the six pack abs....she wearing one too. Ya, that's what I look like when I wear mine. HA! Done laughing yet?