May 8, 2008

More on spam

- they have found Views from two wheels. I have had ten or so comments posted that were spam pointing to websites. They seem to pop up right after I post, so it seems to be automated somehow.

When I first started the blog, I had comments sent to me by e-mail before they posted. I figured there might be some random inappropriate ones that I needed to filter out. It ended up being unnecessary, until now. I may need to reinstate some sort of filter. Thank you for all your comments, and my apologies if it becomes a little more difficult in the future.


SeanH said...

Man, that's totally bogus! Same thing happened to me! Also check out some sweet EliXxxer and V1agruh deals at my site:!

Holly said...

Matt said he's been getting spammed too. And not in the canned processed meaty way. Not sure what's worse.

Jennifer said...

Some blogs have the comments pages outfitted with those little cryptic letter/number things for you to type before the comment will be posted. Others have easy trivia questions (such as: what is the fourth letter of the alphabet) that you have to answer before your comment will be posted.

You could probably search around and find tools like that to add? Just a thought.