January 26, 2008

Prius vs Hummer

I have heard this Prius vs Hummer argument several times before, most recently from someone at my wife's work justifying driving his own Hummer.

It is true that the Prius isn't all that it is cracked up to be. The extraction of nickel and production of the batteries produces significant environmental damage before the car ever hits the street. Manufacturing damage that is allowed by the Canadian government by the way, but that's an argument for another day.

According to the article, when this damage is factored in the cost of the Prius is $3.25 per mile vs. $1.95 per mile for the Hummer over the lives of the vehicles. This assumes that the Hummer lasts 300,000 miles vs. 100,000 for the Prius. I have no idea if these assumptions are accurate. Using this data, if it is a mile per mile comparison, the Hummer's cost would be $5.85 vs. $3.25 for the Prius. I'd be curious who did the study. Maybe it is the same people who say walking causes more environmental damage than driving.

This is all beside the point. Poking holes in the self-righteousness of Prius owners doesn't change the fact that you are driving a tremendous gas guzzler and causing your own brand of environmental damage. The H3 (the smallest version) gets 15mpg. The H2 through a loophole in the system doesn't even need to submit gas mileage figures, much less meet fuel efficiency regulations. Owners estimate that they get around 10mpg. An added bonus to the loophole is that business get to write off the cost of the vehicle at a much faster rate. Lets subsidize waste while we're at it.

The fact that someone's attempt at being more eco-friendly fails does not somehow excuse your own senseless waste.


Anonymous said...

The answer my friends, is the Mini Cooper. They're super!

Anonymous said...

People should just drive what they personally can afford to drive.

Human Beings are way to self-important to believe that we can cause the entire globe to shift temperatures. We as a species can cause local environmental devistation easily, but it would take a lot more than CO2 (which is naturally occurring i.e. St. Helen's) to make the earth warmer. How about water vapor is that our faults too.

I am all for consrvation, and beiong environmentally friendly, but but not at the cost of me not being able to afford to feed my family.

Vote Libertarian!!!